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Marquette Title IX Defense Lawyer

Accusations of a Title IX violation can easily destroy your career, reputation, and social standing. If found guilty, you could face serious consequences in your educational and professional career. The accusations alone can harm your relationships and standing in furthering your education. You may feel like the world is against you. It may seem like everyone you know—police, prosecutors, friends, and family. The laws surrounding Title IX are complex. Therefore, it is important to hire a dedicated Upper Peninsula criminal defense lawyer. Berger Law delivers sound legal advice for handling a Title IX accusation. Our Marquette Title IX defense lawyer can help you through this confusing process and challenge the accusations. We are fierce defenders of students at Northern Michigan University (NMU), Michigan Tech University (MTU), Finlandia University, and others in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

What Is Title IX?

You may be wondering what Title IX is. Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendment prohibits sexual discrimination against students, staff, and faculty of federally funded institutions such as universities.

Under Title IX, sexual assault and criminal sexual misconduct is included as sex-based discrimination. Title IX was enacted to protect college students from being sexually harassed. Title IX also protects victims from facing retaliation for reporting the harassment.

If a university receives any report of sexual assault or sexual misconduct, they are required by law to investigate and consequently punish those guilty of the offense.

What Is The Process & Should I Hire a Lawyer?

Universities don’t always play by the rules. Policy quickly goes by the wayside. Title IX reports are treated very seriously. Institutions will often go scorched earth to find and punish someone—even if they are innocent. Don’t let your university overstep.

Once an accusation is made, an investigation will begin. The accused may be suspended or even expelled during the investigation.

Then, hearings will be held by the accuser and the accused. Title IX violations require a standard that is lower than guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt” as found in criminal cases. As a result, it is important to prepare and mount a solid defense. It is much easier for the accused to be found guilty of a Title IX violation than other criminal offenses.

What Are The Penalties?

There are many penalties for the accused if responsible for a Title IX violation. These punishments may include:

  • Suspension or expulsion
  • Ineligibly or revocation of scholarships
  • Suspension from athletic programs
  • Denial of enrollment at other universities
  • Further criminal investigation
  • Registration with the Michigan Sex Offender Registry

As you can see, your future education and professional career could be in jeopardy if found responsible for a Title IX violation.

Protect Your Future with a Title IX Defense Lawyer in Marquette

Berger Law represents students, athletes, professors, faculty, and all other members of federal educational institutions. We understand the pressure and consequences of a Title IX investigation. Our team will work with you to help prevent false accusations from tearing your education and future to pieces.

If you are a college student or professor in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, you need to contact Lawyer U.P. What you say at the onset of a Title IX investigation could make or break your case. Similarly, if you’ve been sexually arrested or discriminated against at your college or university and your institution has not properly opened a Title IX investigation, you should retain a Marquette Title IX defense lawyer.

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