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Marquette Fraud Lawyer

If you are facing charges or under investigation for fraud, you probably want to clear your name as soon as possible. Even allegations of fraud can cause irreparable damage to your professional and personal reputation. Consequently, you might be tempted to talk to the police, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), and other law enforcement agencies to tell them your side of the story. However, speaking to these agencies without legal representation can harm your case. Retaining a Marquette fraud lawyer could help you protect your career and personal relationships.

Understanding the Crime of Fraud in Marquette

In Michigan, legal fraud occurs when a person uses dishonest actions, such as misrepresentation or deception, with the intention of gaining an advantage, such as obtaining money or property, that they would not normally have had access to. Defendants can face state or federal charges depending on the circumstances surrounding the alleged crime. Fraud crimes can be minor misdemeanors or serious felonies.

Regardless of the severity of the charges, a dedicated team of attorneys would immerse themselves in a defendant’s case and work towards a satisfactory outcome. Because fraud is a specific intent crime, the defendant’s state of mind would play a prominent role in their defense. In order to convict a defendant, a prosecutor would need to prove that the defendant intentionally misled someone else to benefit themselves. A seasoned Upper Peninsula criminal defense lawyer can diligently investigate the case and help the defendant present a vigorous defense.

Different Types of Legal Fraud

Although there are many different types of fraud, some of the most common charges involve insurance and finance. A lawyer experienced in fraud cases could help those accused of:

  • Homeowners or auto insurance fraud – Insurance fraud can involve either fraudulent claims, in which people stage accidents, or exaggerate the severity of accidents to defraud their insurance company into paying false insurance benefits.
  • Health insurance fraud – This occurs when people try to fraudulently obtain money from their healthcare insurer through actions like filing false healthcare claims for benefits for treatment that never happened
  • Life insurance fraud – This type of offense occurs when the beneficiaries of a life insurance policy deceive the insurer for financial gain.
  • Unemployment fraud – This occurs when people try to collect unemployment benefits even though they are working.
  • Workers’ compensation fraud –This type of fraud involves trying to collect workers’ compensation benefits when the claimant was not injured on the job.
  • Credit card theft – State law prohibits stealing or using another person’s credit or debit card or possessing a fake or altered credit or debit card.

An attorney could assess an individual’s unique case and devise the most effective defense strategy.

Call a Fraud Lawyer in Marquette As Soon As You Can

A fraud conviction could lead to a lengthy jail sentence and harm your personal and professional relationships. Consequently, it is critical that you fiercely defend the charges against you.

A Marquette fraud lawyer could stand up for your rights and work hard to get the charges against you dismissed or reduced. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin building your case.

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