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Alex wanted to be a criminal defense attorney since he was in high school. During law school, he focused on criminal law, clerking for defense attorneys and serving as a teaching assistant to a criminal law professor. In 2012, Alex graduated from Indiana University law school with high honors. He attended social work school at the University of Chicago and then took his first law job as a public defender in Iowa.

He moved to Wyoming in 2014 and contracted with the Wyoming Public Defender’s Office to represent those accused of a crime that could not afford an attorney. In 2018, Alex was elected as the Weston County Wyoming prosecutor and gained valuable experience working with law enforcement and prosecuting crimes, but his heart was always with the defense and protecting the Constitution. He has done many jury trials, ranging from unlawful possession of marijuana to murder, and has an impressive win rate. Alex routinely files motions that other attorneys may not and his clients have seen the benefits. He is hardworking, dedicated, thoughtful, and knows when to fight and when to compromise.


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