Michigan has strict laws regarding firearms, and the consequences of violating these statutes could be devastating. Because of the harsh penalties associated with a conviction, you should work with a skilled defense attorney.

An attorney from our firm could help you understand all state and federal laws concerning firearms. Retain a Marquette gun lawyer today to help you fight your charges.

Gun Ownership Laws in Marquette

To legally own a gun, Marquette residents must have lived in the state for at least six months, completed a gun safety training class, have no history of mental illness, and have no felony convictions. Additionally, firearm owners must not have any personal protection orders, such as restraining orders, against them or any misdemeanor convictions in the past three years. If a person has any questions about whether they are eligible to own a gun, a knowledgeable Marquette attorney could explain these laws.

Common Firearm Charges in the Marquette Area

Michigan has many laws that regulate firearm possession, use, and sales. Some of those laws are so complicated and technical that even responsible people with good intentions can find themselves in violation. The most common weapons charges in the Marquette area are as follows:

  • Illegal possession of a gun
  • Carrying a concealed firearm
  • Keeping a loaded gun in a car
  • Possession of a dangerous firearm with unlawful intent
  • Possession of a weapon in a prohibited place, such as in a school, church, hospital, airport, or on federal properties
  • Repeat offenses

An individual facing gun charges should act quickly to retain a seasoned local attorney and discuss their situation.

Potential Penalties of a Conviction

Upon conviction, defendants could face a lengthy prison sentence and a large fine. They may also have to forfeit their right to bear arms. Employers might even be hesitant to offer someone a job if they have a criminal conviction. Additionally, anyone who is not a legal United States citizen could face deportation. A dedicated attorney could help defendants build the strongest defense possible in their situation.

Possible Defense Strategies

There are many potential defense strategies in a firearm case. A dedicated team of attorneys could investigate the circumstances of the arrest and the investigation to see if there were any constitutional rights violations. If the arresting officer illegally seized the gun, an attorney might be able to get the charges dismissed.

Even if the prosecution proceeds with charges, a lawyer could work to reduce the charges or lessen the penalties. Many of the defense strategies would revolve around what the defendant intended to do with the gun.

For example, the attorneys would consider whether the defendant used the gun for hunting, if it was operable and loaded, and where the owner kept it. A legal professional would work vigorously to defend a gun owner’s legal rights and protect their freedom.

Work with an Experienced Marquette Gun Attorney

Regardless of the specific type of firearm charges you are facing, you deserve a strong defense. Attempting to navigate the criminal justice system on your own can be daunting.

Our legal team respects the rights of gun owners and can guide you through all criminal proceedings. Contact a Marquette gun lawyer today to schedule your initial consultation.