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Marquette Property Crimes Lawyer

The term “property crime” refers to a criminal offense that involves the destruction, damage, or theft of property that belongs to another individual. These criminal charges can lead to serious penalties—especially when the monetary value of the damage is significant. If you face property crime charges in Marquette, a dedicated Upper Peninsula criminal defense lawyer might be able to help. Your legal representation could develop a sound defense strategy, negotiate a plea bargain, or take your case to trial. Before accepting a plea offer, speak with a Marquette property crimes lawyer to find out how you could benefit from their services.

Property Crimes Lawyer | Here to Fight for Your Future

Don’t make the mistake of facing property crime charges of any kind on your own. Instead, ensure you retain the services of a seasoned attorney who has years of experience representing clients facing these charges. Berger Law is a trusted legal resource in Michigan, and we are here to fight for you.

Types of Property Offenses

State law establishes several crimes that classify as property offenses. While these crimes may overlap, the penalties associated with each charge are severe. Many property offenses qualify as felonies and could result in years in prison and thousands of dollars in owed fines. Common examples of property crimes seen in Marquette include:

Malicious Destruction of Property

Often referred to as vandalism, malicious destruction of property covers a range of criminal acts including willful destruction of property belonging to another person. The penalties associated with this offense depend on the value of the item vandalized. For the destruction of items valued below $200, the maximum jail term is 93 days. On the other hand, damage valued at $20,000 or more could result in a 10-year prison term.


One of the most serious property offenses is arson, which is the act of maliciously and willfully setting fire to personal property. Like other property offenses, the penalties of a conviction will depend on the value of the item or space. At the highest level, an arson conviction could lead to life behind bars.

Home Invasion

There are also steep criminal penalties for home invasion. Breaking into the residence of another person could lead to serious penalties, especially with the intention of committing other crimes.

A skilled attorney in Marquette could help a person who has been accused of any kind of property crime investigate their case and provide them with the defense they deserve.

Defense for Property Crime Charges

Any time a person is charged with a property offense, they can defend themselves aggressively. There are numerous ways to approach a defense strategy in a property crime case, and a skilled lawyer could assist with each of them.

Lack of Evidence

Property crime cases are often based on circumstantial evidence. Unless an officer sees an offense occuring in real-time, prosecution for these cases is often done through questioning witnesses and evaluating physical evidence. Often, the evidence obtained by the police in these cases is inadequate for a conviction.

Illegal Search or Seizure

Often, police searches will turn up evidence in a property crimes case. However, the police are limited in their ability to search a suspect’s car, home, or body for further proof that the offense occurred. If they illegally search, the evidence they find could be barred from trial.

Mistaken Identity

There are times when police may target multiple suspects following a property crime. In these situations, the police might misidentify the suspect. Evidence that someone else committed the offense could be a valid defense at trial.

A knowledgeable attorney in Marquette could help build a property crimes defense and question evidence gathered by law enforcement.

Let an Upper Peninsula Property Crimes Lawyer Help

If the government has charged you with property offenses, your defense strategy could play an important role in avoiding serious penalties. Your attorney could assist you in building a defense. They could assess the evidence against you, offer personalized guidance, answer your questions, and help you avoid an undesirable case outcome.

You could benefit from putting your trust in a Marquette property crimes lawyer. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.

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