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Marquette Drug Possession Defense Strategies

No one wants to be accused of possessing drugs. The penalties upon conviction are serious. Possessing even the smallest amount of drugs can result in a black mark that will follow you for the rest of your life. But we’re here to help. Criminal defense lawyers employ many different strategies and file many motions to get your case dismissed. Sometimes the police don’t follow the correct procedure, sometimes your constitutional rights are violated, and sometimes the prosecution doesn’t have enough evidence to prove your guilt. The criminal justice system isn’t perfect. Mistakes are made. Don’t let their mistakes be your fault. Hiring an aggressive local criminal attorney can be the winning hand you need to get back to your life in Marquette. Below, we’ll look at successful drug possession defense strategies we may use to get your case thrown out.

MCL 333.711 Dismissals

If you are convicted of or found guilty of drug use or possession, your charges may be dismissed entirely.

So long as this is your first conviction, your record can be kept clean. You can avoid jail time. You can avoid those hefty fines. In other words: this could be your “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

7411 is one of the most powerful tools in a criminal defense attorney’s arsenal. It could cause your drug conviction to be essentially erased. In return, you will be subject to probation and are expected to comply with the terms and conditions of probation. However, successful compliance with probation under 7411 can result in two things:

  1. Dismissal of your offense.
  2. Your record will not be public to employers. (Only privy to the courts and police).

MCL 762.11 Holmes Youth Trainee Act (HYTA)

Science generally agrees that the human brain doesn’t fully develop until age 25. Coincidentally, Michigan provides a second-chance program for those under the age of 25. We all make or have made mistakes when we were young.

Anyone convicted of any crime (excluding DUI, Felony Drug Charges, Criminal Sexual Offenses, and life imprisonment felonies) between the ages of 18 and 25 can be eligible for this probation program. If you are between 21 and 25, the prosecutor must agree. The victim can also request that the defendant be denied this program.

If the judge agrees, you will be put on probation. Upon completion of probation, your charges may be dismissed. Conditions of probation may include:

  • Staying within a designated area.
  • Reporting with a probation officer.
  • Avoiding certain “bad” places.
  • Paying certain fees and fines.
  • Staying out of trouble.
  • Working or attending school.
  • Performing community service.

Even if you were charged with one of the excluded crimes, our talented team at Berger Law could plead your charges down to a lesser offense. This is why Berger Law is crucial for any young person charged with a crime. We’ll pull out all the stops to give you the second chance you deserve. After all, we all make mistakes.

Berger Law Can Help with a Drug Possession Defense Strategy in Marquette

The police and prosecuting attorneys in your county are often far too eager to put citizens behind bars. Our team at Berger Law feels different. We understand that mistakes happen. Unlike the police and prosecuting attorney, we believe in learning from our mistakes.

We are passionate about fighting for our Michigan residents. We don’t want to see good people locked up or having their future dreams crushed. It is our hope to see young people in this community thrive. A simple mistake or one bad night shouldn’t ruin your chances of success.

The team at Berger Law is devoted to you. We negotiate with the police in every possible way to give you a fighting chance.

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