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Manistique Robbery Lawyer

When it comes to theft-related offenses, robbery carries some of the steepest penalties. This is because the offense of robbery involves more than just the taking of another person’s property. Robbery also includes the use or threat of physical violence, which explains why the penalties tend to be more severe. If you are facing robbery charges, an experienced theft attorney could help. These charges can be reduced or even dismissed, but a favorable outcome typically requires the guidance of strong legal counsel. Let a Manistique robbery lawyer help you fight for your rights.

How Robbery Differs from Theft in Manistique

Robbery stands out from other theft offenses. While it involves the alleged taking of another person’s property, there is also an additional component that sets this charge apart. For the state to secure a robbery conviction, a prosecutor must prove that property was taken by force or with the threat of force.

The law treats this offense as a more serious crime than most other theft charges. This is because not only is property taken, but the life of another person is put in harm’s way. The state aggressively prosecutes robbery charges in most cases.

Despite an aggressive prosecution, not every robbery charge is guaranteed to result in a conviction. It could be possible to have these charges reduced or even dismissed. In some cases, a jury could acquit a person accused of robbery on all charges, but securing a favorable outcome in these cases is never guaranteed. However, a Manistique robbery attorney might be able to obtain a fair resolution.

Penalties for a Robbery Conviction

The penalties for a conviction of robbery are often steep and are treated as a felony according to state law in every instance. As with all felonies, a conviction for robbery could result in time behind bars. A person convicted of this crime could face up to 15 years in prison in addition to any fines that are assessed by the judge.

One of the ways a Manistique attorney could assist with a robbery case is by reducing the severity of a conviction. Even if an acquittal is not possible, an attorney could make a case for reduced jail time and fines during the sentencing phase of a robbery trial.

Higher Penalties for Armed Robbery

The baseline for robbery penalties in Manistique assumes that the accused was not armed at the time of the robbery. If the state can establish that a weapon was used in the commission of the robbery, the potential penalties could increase dramatically. Armed robbery occurs when a robbery takes place where the defendant:

  • Had a weapon in their possession
  • Informed the alleged victim they had a weapon, or
  • Used an object that a reasonable individual would have thought was a weapon

A conviction for armed robbery could result in imprisonment for any period of years the judge sees fit. That means an armed robbery conviction could lead to life behind bars.

Talk to a Robbery Lawyer in Manistique Right Away

Robbery is a serious offense that you should never try to defend on your own. By securing the assistance of a skilled Manistique criminal defense lawyer, you could build a defense that helps you obtain a fair outcome in your case. The team at Berger Law could make a difference in your case. Call a Manistique robbery lawyer right away to get started.

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