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Manistique Drug Lawyer

There are strict laws related to drug offenses in Manistique and across the state of Michigan. Whether the charge involves possession, manufacturing, or the delivery of a controlled substance, a conviction could be a life-changing event in your life. Jail time, fines, and a criminal record that could impact potential employment are all possible outcomes you could be facing. An arrest for a drug offense might feel overwhelming but it does not mean your conviction is certain. A goal-oriented criminal defense attorney might be able to help you defend yourself against these charges. Get in touch with a Manistique drug lawyer today to determine your next steps.

Types of Drug Offenses

Drug crimes come in various forms, and each could lead to different criminal penalties, including the possibility of prison time. A Manistique attorney who has experience in illegal substance charges could help an individual determine which category their allegations fall under and how best to fight back against them.

Drug Possession

One of the most frequently charged drug offenses is the possession of a controlled substance. This could be classified as either a felony or a misdemeanor. For example, possessing a controlled substance is typically considered a felony offense. However, in cases involving small amounts of marijuana, it could be treated as a misdemeanor.

Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking covers a wide range of behaviors. This offense is assigned by prosecutors when an individual is found to have transported, sold, or imported a controlled substance.

Drug Manufacturing

Manufacturing or cultivating an illegal substance can be one of the most serious drug offenses. This definition could involve anything from the unauthorized growth of marijuana to the large-scale manufacture of methamphetamines and other Schedule II substances.

Possible Penalties for a Drug Conviction in Manistique

The penalties that could result from a drug conviction will depend largely on the type of the alleged offense, as well as the defendant’s past criminal history. The type of substance involved could also play a role in determining penalties.

For many individuals facing illegal substance charges, the threat of incarceration is the most unnerving element. Depending on the circumstances, a conviction could result in decades behind bars. However, that is only one of the penalties that a judge could hand down.

There are also financial implications when it comes to drug crime prosecutions. Steep fines that could leave the defendant in a significant amount of debt are a common outcome of these types of cases. In addition, anyone with a criminal record could struggle to find or keep employment, or make substantial career advances.

It is also possible to lose important rights and privileges following a drug conviction. Some examples include the forfeiture of certain assets or the suspension of driving privileges. A felony charge could also lead to losing one’s eligibility to vote or own a gun.

It is vital to remember that these consequences only become a reality upon a conviction. A diligent Manistique drug attorney can put together a defense strategy that might help an individual’s chances of achieving a favorable outcome in their case.

Speak with a Drug Lawyer in Manistique Today

If you are facing drug charges, you have the right to a vigorous defense. A skilled Manistique drug lawyer can examine the details of your case to give you the guidance you need. Let Berger Law get to work for you. Call today to learn more.

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