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What Happens if I Violate Parole in Michigan?

For an inmate serving years of prison time, parole is an important opportunity for them to escape the confines of jail. Parole offers certain prisoners an opportunity to be released and serve the rest of their sentence out in the community with certain restrictions. If you violate the terms of parole in the state of Michigan you will need the assistance of an Upper Peninsula criminal defense lawyer to avoid the full extent of the associated penalties.

What Rules Do Parolees Have to Follow?

There are various rules, known as conditions, that a person on parole has to abide by to maintain their freedom. Because the parolee is technically still serving their sentence they are not given the same liberties that the average person is entitled to. During the term of their probation they might have to:

  • Participate in weekly check-ins with their parole officer
  • Avoid contact with gang members or criminals
  • Attend drug or alcohol recovery classes
  • Live in a specific county or area
  • Not contact victims of their crime
  • Not travel outside of the state without getting approval from their parole officer
  • Maintain a stable job
  • Not possess firearms or other weapons
  • Not break any laws
  • Submit to random searches and drug tests

How Can Someone Violate Their Parole?

There is a plethora of ways that a person can violate their parole. They can be guilty of disobeying parole by disregarding any of the above conditions or more. For example, if a parolee attempts to contact a victim of their last crime or is caught spending time with known gang members when it explicitly says in their parole agreement that they are not allowed to, they are in violation of their parole.

Most if not all parole agreements will include a stipulation that the parolee must obey all laws. A person can also violate parole by committing a new crime or breaking a law unrelated to their previous conviction.

What Are the Penalties for Violating Parole in MI?

The penalties that you are given for violating parole will vary depending on your specific circumstances. People whose original convictions were very severe probably have stricter conditions of parole so it is more serious if one is violated.

In some cases where the violation was minor and you have the help of a skilled attorney, you may be able to continue your parole without punishment. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some penalties you may be given include the following.

  • You could have the length of your parole extended
  • You may be given additional or more strict conditions to abide by during your parole
  • Your parole may be revoked and you could have to return to prison to finish out the rest of your sentence
  • You could be charged with a new criminal offense

The penalties will depend on the severity of the situation. It is always recommended to speak with an experienced lawyer when you are facing a parole revocation hearing.

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