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All criminal accusations can come with harsh consequences. Even misdemeanors such as theft, retail fraud, simple assault, or trespassing will result in the creation of a criminal record upon conviction. You may even be subject to time in jail.

Anyone facing criminal charges could benefit from working with an attorney in Marquette. The goal of a lawyer is to minimize the impact of these charges upon a person’s life. This can include working towards a reasonable plea deal, challenging the admissibility of evidence in court, and finding weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.


Our Approach

Here at Lawyer U.P., our approach to clients is different. Our firm is the only practice in the area that focuses solely on criminal defense cases. At Lawyer U.P., our team provides you with individualized representation. Every client gets an attorney’s personal phone number to ensure quick response and attentiveness to each client’s unique needs. We advocate for our clients and work hard to create a desirable outcome. Our clients are not treated like just another client added to the roster; instead, we work to create an individualized plan for each client that fits their needs and desires while also ensuring all clients’ thoughts and feelings are taken into consideration.

Building a Defense

When you learn that you are the target of a criminal investigation or have been arrested for allegations of violating a law, you need to act quickly to protect yourself. Even seemingly minor cases have the potential to change your life with the creation of a criminal record, the payment of heavy fines, the imposition of restraining orders, or time spent in prison.

With the help of a Marquette criminal lawyer, you could fight your charges. A legal professional could work with you to explain the laws that apply to your case and what the prosecutor needs to prove to secure a conviction. They could also evaluate the legality of the police work that led to your arrest and argue to defend your rights in court. If the case goes to trial, an attorney could present an argument to help to create reasonable doubt.

Practice Areas

Once an individual learns that police have taken an interest in their activities, they need to act aggressively to protect themselves. Hiring an attorney to handle the criminal case is often a powerful first step, even before arrest or charges being filed. A lawyer could work with the police and the prosecutor’s office to present evidence that could help to prevent an arrest from taking place.

If an arrest has already occurred, a legal professional could help to prevent any unfair interrogations or dispute the outcome of a lineup identification. Every person has the right to an attorney during these proceedings, and law enforcement must wait once an individual invokes this right.

Attorneys also play a critical role in court. This includes entering a formal plea during an arraignment and arguing for fair bail. The arraignment is also an opportunity to contest the imposition of a restraining order. Having an attorney on one’s side during pretrial court sessions could also help to contest the legality of evidence and address other potential violations of one’s rights. Finally, a lawyer could take the lead during a trial to cross-examine witnesses and present evidence that aims to create reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors.

Meet Our Team

Our team is highly skilled and driven by a genuine desire to help our clients. We’ll do everything we can to help you achieve your goals.

Client Testimonials

Alex Berger has provided the best representation we could ever expect in my brother’s case for a misdemeanor charge. Alex is very diligent and attentive, he responded to all our inquiries quickly and efficiently. He established a clear communication with us from the very beginning and made sure my brother understood each step of the process. It seems that Alex truly cares about his clients, which really impressed us. When...
Mr. Berger has been excellent to work with! Highly recommend to anyone looking for an honest and hard working attorney.
Andi G.
I would highly recommend Berger Law. Alex handled my case with great care and was quick to respond to communications. He exhibited strong ethics and knowledge of the law. Alex gave realistic expectations and was very well-prepared. He helped me tremendously in a time of serious need.
Jeffery V.
Ive had a terrible criminal history, he got me what I wanted...didnt have to go thru probation like I didnt want.. Alot of lawyers jus slacked but he was on top of things. He kept in contact very well and continued my hearing twice when I didnt show up...
Alex did a great job defending me from a bogus and contrived citation. I would recommend his services to anyone.
Alex did an amazing job representing me in court! I could not have asked for better, Alex is kind,caring and very patient. He listened to all my concerns and explained to me anything I needed to know. Thanks Alex for a job well done!!!
He helped me get to be a father again. He presented a excellent case for me and kept me informed the whole time

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Every moment following the start of a criminal case is critical. Police take every opportunity to attempt to gather more evidence and extract a confession. Even the initial court appearance determines your ability to await trial from home as opposed to spending time in jail.

From day one, a Marquette criminal lawyer could fight for you. An attorney could work to explain the laws that apply to your case, evaluate the prosecution’s evidence, identify realistic goals, and strive towards those goals in and out of court. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

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